How It Works

The great thing in all edu­ca­tion is to make our ner­vous sys­tem our ally instead of our enemy.” William James

Dur­ing a les­son you are guided through mov­ing in a freer, more expan­sive way.

F. M. Alexan­der dis­cov­ered that the rela­tion­ship of our head, neck, and back has a pro­found effect on how we func­tion: whether our spines are long or com­pressed, how freely we breathe, and how eas­ily we can move and speak.

The Alexan­der Tech­nique involves hands-on guid­ance from the teacher.

In your lessons, you learn how to stop inter­fer­ing with the bal­ance of your head on your spine. By let­ting go of habit­ual ten­sion, you have the expe­ri­ence of mov­ing in newly expan­sive, effi­cient way. The teacher gives ver­bal and hands-on instruc­tion while guid­ing you through ordi­nary move­ments such as sit­ting, stand­ing, walk­ing, and bend­ing. A les­son may include apply­ing the Alexan­der Tech­nique to activ­i­ties such as using a com­puter, play­ing an instru­ment, or voice work. Part of the les­son is done while you lie on a table (fully clothed), to enable you to release ten­sion with­out hav­ing to sup­port yourself.

After a les­son, you feel freer and lighter. You use the insights gained dur­ing lessons to improve how you per­form your ordi­nary activ­i­ties. Your new con­scious­ness enables you to shed old habits of mis­use and tension.

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