Posture & Use

Very young chil­dren pos­sess good use and nat­ural free­dom of move­ment. We can regain it as adults by devel­op­ing con­scious aware­ness and control.

What is com­monly thought of as “good pos­ture” often involves a lot of unnec­es­sary brac­ing and stiff­en­ing. Many peo­ple valiantly attempt to “stand up straight” and end up col­laps­ing in fatigue. How­ever, you can be at your full height with­out cre­at­ing effort and ten­sion. Very young chil­dren have this abil­ity, and as an adult, you can regain it.

F.M. Alexan­der didn’t talk about pos­ture. He coined a more inclu­sive term: the use of your­self, mean­ing how you sit, stand, move, bend, and speak. It’s not just what you doing, but how you’re doing it. How you use your­self all day, every day, affects how you feel. Improv­ing your use enables you to improve your health and well-being.


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