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Here’s what stu­dents say:

“I was attracted to the Alexan­der Tech­nique because of research results show­ing that it can be help­ful in deal­ing with lower back pain. The lessons from Laura have indeed been help­ful, not only with regard to back pain but also in every­day activ­i­ties. Laura is a very gen­tle per­son and I am pleased to rec­om­mend her.”  Peter S.

“I love going to my Alexan­der lessons! After a long day of teach­ing Oak­land high school stu­dents, I look for­ward to a ses­sion with Laura because it is both reju­ve­nat­ing and engag­ing. I sought out an Alexan­der teacher after a musi­cian friend told me about her Alexan­der Tech­nique train­ing. I thought that this might be just the thing to strengthen my tired teacher’s voice — and indeed, I have learned much about how to use my voice more effec­tively. How­ever, my learn­ing has been broader and richer than I expected: slowly, build­ing on ses­sion after ses­sion, I have learned how to soften my jaw; I have gained an aware­ness of how my feet rest (or don’t rest) on the ground; I have begun to under­stand what it means to free my neck, to lengthen my spine, to widen my ribs, and to sit, stand, walk, and bend over in ways that max­i­mize my body’s energy. Not only is AT help­ing my body to feel bet­ter — it is fun! I enjoy pay­ing atten­tion to all of the choices about how to use my body, now that I am more aware that I have many choices indeed. I couldn’t ask for a bet­ter guide: Laura is kind, firm, knowl­edge­able, and encour­ag­ing. I highly rec­om­mend this teacher!” Jes­sica F.

“Laura is a skilled and com­pas­sion­ate teacher. I first came to her for help with incred­i­bly painful plan­tar fasci­itis. In the 9 months that I have worked with Laura, I have gone from limp­ing and hob­bling to nearly pain free. I was skep­ti­cal that Alexan­der Tech­nique could help with foot pain, but it really did. To boot, my pos­ture is dras­ti­cally improved-from con­stant slump­ing to a model stature. I can’t rec­om­mend Laura highly enough!” Amy S.

“I have been study­ing with Laura for two years. She has a very deep and com­pre­hen­sive under­stand­ing of a method that, for me, is extremely help­ful in my day-to-day move­ment through life (deeper self-awareness, and more ease and com­fort). She is very sen­si­tive to what the stu­dent needs to work on at any given moment. I highly rec­om­mend her to any­one who is inter­ested in an enlight­ened and humane self-work.” Jim H.

“I took Alexan­der lessons from Laura because I was suf­fer­ing from ten­donitis and repet­i­tive stress issues from play­ing gui­tar. At the time I was study­ing music and aspir­ing to become a pro­fes­sional musi­cian, so hav­ing being pain and being pre­vented from prac­tic­ing, or even play­ing, was dev­as­tat­ing. Laura agreed to work with me on gui­tar, help­ing me find a com­fort­able and relaxed play­ing posi­tion before intro­duc­ing me to a more com­pre­hen­sive approach to Alexan­der. I truly believe it is thanks to the Alexan­der Tech­nique that I have not had any more major issues related to play­ing. I highly rec­om­mend Laura and Alexan­der Tech­nique for any­one with chronic pain, espe­cially related to repet­i­tive stress.” Roger K.

“I’ve tried the Alexan­der tech­nique in the past, but now, work­ing with Laura, the dif­fer­ence in improve­ment to my pos­ture is dra­matic.  She is very gen­tle, knowl­edge­able and above all, truly help­ful.  Because I do a lot of phys­i­cal work as a flo­ral designer, she has worked with me show­ing me how to lift, stand and work with­out doing  injury to my back.  I highly rec­om­mend her!” Patri­cia G.

“Laura is cog­nizant of the rate of learn­ing that each stu­dent is com­fort­able with. I have used the tech­nique in prac­tic­ing Tai Chi, teach­ing, pub­lic speak­ing and when­ever I need to han­dle reac­tions bet­ter.” Glenn C.

“I went to Laura seek­ing a solu­tion to hand, back, and neck ten­sion exac­er­bated by com­puter key­board activ­ity. The Alexan­der lessons made a notice­able improve­ment. Per­haps because Laura is a jazz pianist, she might be espe­cially famil­iar with stresses or ten­sions asso­ci­ated with using a key­board of any type. I also found that the Alexan­der approach to using (direct­ing, actu­ally) your body ben­e­fits just about any phys­i­cal activ­ity. The result has been far less phys­i­cal ten­sion just by chang­ing a few habit­ual ways of how I go about doing things. Laura is very expe­ri­enced, gen­tle, patient, and insight­ful with clients. She has a serene work space for her appoint­ments, which is con­ducive to these lessons. My body could feel the changes intro­duced dur­ing lessons, and Laura’s instruc­tions has enabled me to sus­tain those changes over time.” Jim R.

“Laura’s clear expla­na­tions, gen­tle guid­ance and patience allow you to progress at your pace, never forc­ing, but always open­ing and relax­ing into the full poten­tial that is our birthright.  Laura helps our bod­ies to remem­ber how to move, sit, and lie with­out stress, ten­sion, and effort.” Hawaii C.

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