Links to other sites related to the Alexan­der Technique

  • AmSAT list of cer­ti­fied teach­ers nation­wide, books, and gen­eral information
  • STAT The Defin­i­tive Guide to the Alexan­der Tech­nique (United Kingdom)
  • Mor­num Time Press — Books on the Alexan­der Technique/Jerry Son­tag, teacher of the Alexan­der Technique
  • Jill Geiger - Alexan­der teacher in Boston, MA area
  • Anne Bluethen­thal — Teacher in San Fran­cisco, CA
  • David Lieben­dor­fer - Teacher in San Fran­cisco, CA
  • Seth Ambrose - Teacher in San Fran­cisco, CA
  • (SLAT- St. Louis, MO Cen­ter for the Alexan­der Technique
  • (ATAA) - Alexan­der Tech­nique Ann Arbor, MI
  • Ann Rodi­ger — Alexan­der Teacher in New York City
  • –web­site and forum “for musi­cians and per­form­ers explor­ing the inter­con­nec­tion of music mak­ing and self development”.
  • the web­site of Bay Area Alexan­der teachers

To set up an appoint­ment for lessons, or for more infor­ma­tion, please email me or call (510) 845‑6619.

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